What did the Albert and the Lion used to be?

The text reads: The name Albert and The Lion is derived from the title of a best-selling comic monologue written by Marriott Edgar in 1932 and immortalised on record by Stanley Holloway. The narrative verse makes reference to this venue, in its former guise as a Woolworths store.

Who is JD Wetherspoons owned by?

Timothy Randall Martin (born 28 April 1955) is an English businessman and the founder and chairman of Wetherspoons, a pub chain in the UK and Ireland.

What did Wetherspoons used to be called?

First Wetherspoon opens

For the first month, it was called Martin’s Free House, but was renamed Wetherspoons early in 1980.

Is Albert and the Lion a true story?

The Lion and Albert is based on an actual news story that both Holloway and Marriott Edgar had heard. It is set in the menagerie at Blackpool Tower, and it became one of Holloway’s most successful pieces.

When was the Lion and Albert written?

By far the most iconic of the Stanley Holloway monologues was The Lion and Albert, which was so popular when first introduced by Holloway in 1931 that he commissioned Edgar to write a series of follow-ups based on the Albert Ramsbottom character.

What is the oldest Wetherspoons in the UK?

Forty years ago, on 9 December 1979, the first Wetherspoon pub opened in north London, in Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill. Formerly, it had been a bookies. For the first month of trading, it was called Martin’s Free House – after its owner, Wetherspoon’s founder and chairman Tim Martin.

Why did Wetherspoons stop selling John Smiths?

Wetherspoon will stop serving pints of Strongbow and John Smith’s as part of a major shake-up of its drinks menu. This comes after the company – which has the Pilgrim Oak in Hucknall and the William Peverell in Bulwell – signed a huge 20-year deal with Budweiser Brewing Group, becoming its largest supplier.

Why is Wetherspoons so cheap?

Unlike most other pubs, Wetherspoons are free houses and not owned by breweries. The company owns its buildings and does not have to buy alcohol from specific breweries charging high prices. It is free to shop around for the best prices and pass the savings onto customers.

Why do Wetherspoons have different names?

One of the things that makes Wetherspoons unique is that each of their pubs names derive from a snippet of history of the town in which they are based.

Why do spoons not play music?

According to Liverpool Echo, it is reported that boss Tim Martin decided against playing tunes after reading an article by George Orwell, which claimed that a perfect pub would be free from any background music.

Where does Wetherspoons food come from?

The beef used by Wetherspoon is sourced from farms in the UK and Ireland operating under quality- assurance schemes which promote best farming practice. Farmers must provide adequate shelter for animals, particularly at vulnerable times, such as calving.

What is the smallest Wetherspoons in the UK?

One reviewer said: “We popped into the spoons after visiting Eltham Palace and Garden. “It was a little pub but with loads of character. It’s the smallest Wetherspoons in the chain.It has a smaller menu than the others but food was good.

Which is the biggest Wetherspoons pub?

There are around 900 Wetherspoon pubs but The Royal Victoria Pavilion is a Wetherspoon pub like no other. It is located right on the seaside in Ramsgate, Kent, and is the biggest Wetherspoon pub.

What’s the oldest pub in England?

The Porch House, Stow on the Wold, The Cotswolds.

Authenticated by the Guinness Book of Records as England’s oldest inn, it is certified as dating from 947 AD.

When did the Albert and Lion Open in Blackpool?

(also known as Albert & Lion)

A JD Wetherspoon located on the Promenade, despite its Bank Hey Street address, next to the Tower in the superb Art Deco former Woolworths building. Opened in July 2010.

Who was swallowed by a lion in Blackpool Zoo?

Possibly he tripped over one of them. His job included feeding the lions but as James Walmsley said this made no difference. It is as clear as can be from the Inquest that the Police and the Coroner believed that William Livesey had gone to the enclosure with Edward Eaves aged 28, also a carter.

Where was Marriott Edgar born?

Marriott Edgar (5 October 1880 – 5 May 1951), born George Marriott Edgar in Kirkcudbright, Scotland, was a British poet, scriptwriter and comedian, best known for writing many of the monologues performed by Stanley Holloway, particularly the Albert series.

Who wrote Stanley Holloway Monologues?

The Stanley Holloway Monologues by Michael Marshall | Waterstones. Spend another £25.00 to qualify for free UK delivery.


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