What do food train do?

In Food Train branch areas, we have teams of volunteers working together to collect your shopping list, make up your order in the local supermarket then deliver your food and groceries via Food Train branded vans. Service areas for this shopping delivery service can be found here.

How do you do a meal train on Facebook?

  • Friend’s Timeline: Good for broadcasting to the recipient’s contacts.
  • Group: Use this if you have a group page that you are the administrator.
  • Your Page: Post on your time-line/wall.
  • Private message: Invitations to specific people.

How long is too long for a meal train?

As for length and frequency of the meal train, four to six weeks long is a generous rule of thumb, and dropping food off two or three times a week is another helpful guideline. Again, though, don’t be afraid to ask the parents what would help them most!

How long should a meal train last?

How long should a meal train last? Scheduling a meal train for four weeks (3 meals per week), is perfect. Just long enough to keep mama and her family fed during that newborn haze, but not too long that the meal slots go unfilled.

Is meal train free?

The perfect way to organize meal giving, for free!

How do you make money on train meals?

Withdrawals happen AUTOMATICALLY around 9 pm ET, Saturday through Wednesday, and usually takes 2 days to post to your bank account. You do not need to manually request a withdrawal.

Does Meal Train take a percentage?

Meal Train will automatically deduct a 5% platform fee from each Donation received. In addition, a 2.9% + $. 30 financial transaction/credit card processing fee will apply to each donation to cover payment processing fees applied by our payment processor, Stripe.com.

Is Meal Train secure?

At no time will MealTrain.com have access to or see a donor’s sensitive payment information. All processing, transmission, and storage of payment data is handled by our PCI compliant payment processor (Stripe.com).

How do you participate in a Meal Train?

How do you start a train meal?

Can you search for a Meal Train?

(To protect privacy, Meal TrainĀ® sites are not searchable.) Once you receive the unique web address, click it or copy and paste it in the browser bar. You will be directed to your friend’s Meal Train where you can see a list of needs and dates available.

How do you take soup for a meal train?

Eco-foil pans are another good option as they are made of 100% recycled aluminum. Mason jars – This is a great way to transport soup. It prevents spills and the glass helps to keep the soup warm. Smaller mason jars are also good for salad dressings.


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