What does Bournville Village Trust do?

Our aim is to create and sustain communities where people can thrive, which we do by providing a range of multi-purpose holistic services. We work across more than a dozen diverse and distinctive communities in Birmingham and Telford, serving thousands of people.

What was the Bournville experiment?

Bournville was the first attempt to persuade speculative builders that the construction of model low-density housing could be profitable, and was also a key influence in the development of the international Garden City Movement (Bryson and Lowe 1996; Hall 1996).

Is Bournville nice place to live?

It is one of the most attractive suburbs of the City and is amongst the most desirable places to live within the UK. Packed with green spaces and attractive housing, Bournville is indelibly linked with the Cadbury family and their chocolate factory.

When was the Bournville estate built?

The first bricks were laid in January 1879 and 16 houses for foremen and senior employees were built on the site. These mostly semi-detached houses were well-built and spaced out with ample gardens. Production began at the Cadbury Brothers’ ‘Bournville factory in a garden’ in September 1879.

What is Bournville famous for?

Although Bournville is most famous for its turn-of-the-20th century Cadbury style homes, a significant amount of more modern stock also exists in the area – not all of which was built by Cadbury’s. The local authority built several homes around Bournville before and after the Second World War.

What does Bournville village have in it?

Cadbury World is situated in the historic Bournville village – site of the original ‘Factory in a Garden’. In 1879, Richard and George Cadbury decided to move their expanding business from Birmingham’s City Centre into the countryside four and a half miles away..

Who owns Bournville?

Bournville is a brand of dark chocolate produced by Cadbury. It is named after the model village of the same name in Birmingham, England and was first sold in 1908.

What is the meaning of Bournville?

/ˈbɔːnvɪl/ /ˈbɔːrnvɪl/ ​a suburb of Birmingham, England. It was built by the brothers George and Richard Cadbury to provide houses for the workers at the chocolate factory which they opened there in 1879. The Cadburys were Quakers and believed that social problems were often the result of bad homes.

Why was Bournville village built?

George Cadbury was appalled at working class living conditions and wanted to provide decent housing for his workers. He planned a model village of well-built cottages with large gardens. The village would also have spaces for recreation and leisure.

Is Cadbury chocolate still made in Bournville?

Today, Bournville is the home of Mondelēz International’s Global Centre of Excellence for Chocolate research and development, including its innovation kitchen where all Cadbury products across the globe are invented.

Can you buy alcohol in Bournville?

“There are no pubs in Bournville. You can only get a drink here and another place up the road,” former Cadbury worker Michael Goral tells me as he sits at the bar. “It’s based on antiquated rules, but it’s stupid really. There are some people who want to stick with the old ways, but you have to move with the times.”

Is Bournville vegan?

Unlike other dark chocolate brands, such as After Eights, Bournville does not include the use of butterfat to stop chocolate blooming, making it perfectly fine for vegans until now. It was even Peta-approved as a way of helping any chocolate cravings which makes the blow even bigger!

What is the best area to live in Birmingham?

  • City Centre. The city centre has long been hailed as one of the best places to live in Birmingham for young professionals.
  • Jewellery Quarter.
  • Digbeth.
  • Brindleyplace.
  • Eastside.
  • Mailbox.
  • Moseley and Kings Heath.
  • Bournville.

Is Bournville worth visiting?

Bournville is one of Birmingham’s most picturesque and desirable neighbourhoods to live in. However, it goes without saying that the majority of its visitors are here for their love of one thing in particular: chocolate.

What county is Bournville?

Bournville is one of Birmingham’s most picturesque and desirable neighbourhoods to live in. However, it goes without saying that the majority of its visitors are here for their love of one thing in particular: chocolate.

Is Bournville a company town?

Bournville was a model village created to house Cadbury workers, although most of the houses are now owned by the Bournville Village Trust rather than the company itself.

Is Cadbury World closing down?

There is no disruption to our chocolatey zones, which all remain fully open. We look forward to welcoming you to Cadbury World, for a day choc-full of fun!

Where is the Bournville estate?

The Bournville estate in Weston-Super-Mare has been known as one of the notorious area of Somerset.

Which are the top 3 markets for Cadbury?

Where is the original Cadbury factory?

Located four miles (6.4 km) south of Birmingham in England, the Cadbury plant in Bournville was opened in 1879 by company founder John Cadbury’s son George, whose aim was that one-tenth of the Bournville estate should be “laid out and used as parks, recreation grounds and open space.”

How many employees does Cadbury Bournville?

Cadbury’s first Dairy Milk bar was made in Bournville back in 1905. The site currently employs 1,300 people out of a 4,000 strong workforce across the UK.

What did Cadbury do for their workers?

They helped younger workers go to school (night classes). They build swimming pools and offered swimming lessons to all workers. Trips to the countryside for workers so they could have a day of fun. Summer camps for the young boys who worked at the factory.


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