What does EMIS stand for?

Educational Management Information System (EMIS)

Who uses EMIS?

EMIS Group software is used by NHS trusts in a wide range of secondary care settings. Our systems are mainly used to manage hospital pharmacy and prescribing, emergency care and electronic patient records (including patient administration systems).

Who started EMIS?

EMIS Group began in March 1987 as Egton Medical Information Systems by Dr Peter Sowerby and Dr David Stables, both GPs in Egton, North Yorkshire, and Tony Jones.

Is EMIS A good company to work for?

great place to start a career

EMIS Health is a create place for IT professionals to start their career. They have a great apprentice scheme and a culture to drive staff engagement.

How many employees does EMIS Group have?

great place to start a career

EMIS Health is a create place for IT professionals to start their career. They have a great apprentice scheme and a culture to drive staff engagement.

Who owns EMIS health?

great place to start a career

EMIS Health is a create place for IT professionals to start their career. They have a great apprentice scheme and a culture to drive staff engagement.

Who bought EMIS?

UnitedHealth will acquire EMIS for 1,925 pence per share in cash, a 49% premium on the company’s closing price of 1,292p on June 16th, the day before the agreement was announced.

How many GP practices use EMIS?

results Of 7526 practices, Egton Medical Information Systems (EMIS) was used in 4199 (56%), SystmOne in 2552 (34%) and Vision in 636 (9%).

Do hospitals use EMIS?

Not only does EMIS Web support the day to day needs of your healthcare teams, from appointment booking to patient consultations and records, our software has also been designed to improve efficiencies and maximise patient safety.

How can I get EMIS?

  • Go to TN EMIS Login page.
  • Login and open All Student List.
  • Above the table, choose CSV option.
  • Student list will be downloaded in Excel format.
  • Open MS Excel and then search for your student’s name.
  • Locate the Unique ID to find TN EMIS number.

How can I buy EMIS website?

  • Type your EMIS organisation ID (CDB number) into the top box and then click ‘Install’ in the bottom right.
  • The installer should run and when it is finished, click ‘launch and close’ in the bottom right hand corner.

What is EMIS training?

EMIS Academy is a subscription-based digital learning platform that allows you to take the power of learning into your own hands by providing 24/7 access to the latest interactive training resources. This will enhance, optimise and transform your ways of working thanks to our software and solutions.

Is EMIS a database?

About this Database

Includes country profiles; macroeconomic statistics, forecasts, and analysis; reports on financial markets, companies, and industries; exchange rates; analyst reports; and business news.

Who owns patient access app?

PATIENT ACCESS is provided by Egton Medical Information Systems Limited(“EMIS”), a company registered in England with company number 2117205 with a registered office address of Fulford Grange, Micklefield Lane, Rawdon, Leeds, LS19 6BA. The Patient Access Marketplace is also provided by EMIS.

What is Emisaccess?

With Patient Access you can access your local GP services at home, work or on the move — wherever you can connect to the internet. You can use either desktop or Mobile app to use the patient access.

What is Docman NHS?

Docman is the UK market leader supporting the Transfer of Care Network between and within Healthcare organisations and providers. Our technology is responsible for maintaining detailed records and documents for over 40,000,000 patients and managing over 3,000,000 items of patient correspondence weekly.

What does optum do for Unitedhealthcare?

Optum Health provides care directly through local medical groups and ambulatory care systems, including primary, specialty, urgent and surgical care to 101 million consumers.

How many GPs should there be per 1000 patients?

Based on a widely accepted formula of 72 appointments per 1,000 patients each week and an average list size of 1,600 patients (per GP), the report, Safe Working in General Practice, proposes that GPs should be offering 115 appointments a week – an average of 23 a day over five days.


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