What does Third Space do?

Third Space was set up for people to have a space that was not living space, not working space, but a Third Space. Smithfield opened its doors in 2012 and it is a social business venture to open and run eating and meeting places in Dublin where there is a lack of community hubs.

How many members does Third Space have?

Since opening its first club in Soho’s Brewer Street at the turn of the millennium, Third Space now has 16,000 members with a waiting list at Canary Wharf.

When was Third Space founded?

Launched in 2001, Third Space currently operates a portfolio of six clubs. The move comes as the operator has secured a substantial pipeline of new sites and plans to expand its estate across London.

How do you find a Third Space?

  • Step 1: reflect. “The first stage is ‘reflect’ – to look back on what you’ve been through but in a healthy way,” he explains.
  • Step 2: rest. Phase two is ‘rest’ – the ability to come back to the present moment, to be mindful.
  • Step 3: reset.

How do you create a Third Space?

Other rituals that might help you create a Third Space include lighting a candle and taking a moment to wind down, writing down something that happened during the day that you’re grateful for, or even setting the table for dinner.

Does third space have a sauna?

*All Third Space clubs have their own uniquely designed thermal experiences. Our Tower Bridge club’s is an aromatic juniper log glass sauna, featuring; luxurious day beds set against a backdrop of Iroko panelling and experience showers to cool off in.

How long is pool Third Space Tower Bridge?

The 20 metre swimming pool is located in the most tranquil space in the club and includes a steam room and sauna.

Why is it called the third space?

The term “Third Space” pays homage to the term “The Third Place,” coined in the 1980’s by the urban sociologist Ray Oldenburg. For Oldenburg, Third Places are the informal public gathering places critical for a functioning civil society.

What are the 3 spaces?

‘ Home is the first space, work is the second space, which leaves all other places as third spaces. Coined first in 1991 by urban sociologist, Ray Oldenburg, he describes in his book ‘The Great Good Place’ eight criteria that makes a good third space: neutral ground — public.

What are the 3 steps of a third space strategy?

What is third space learning?

Third Space Learning provides online 1-to-1 maths intervention programmes to supplement quality first teaching. Our tuition is delivered weekly by specialist maths tutors in our interactive classroom.


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