What does Tuffnells do?

Trusted by over 4,000 businesses, we’re the UK’s leading experts in handling large, heavy and bulky items. We offer a wide range of services for items of irregular size and weight that others simply cannot match.

What happens if I miss Tuffnells delivery?

If we are unable to reach the driver in time, you may receive a card letting you know we have attempted. Undelivered parcels are taken back to the local depot and stored in a safe place ready to be loaded back onto the vehicle the following day.

How do I send a parcel with Tuffnells?

  • First package your parcel carefully.
  • Measure and weigh your parcel carefully.
  • Use our easy booking page to get a quote and choose your courier service.
  • Once you book you’ll receive an address label which you should print out and stick on your parcel.

What are Tuffnells like to work for?

Is Tuffnells Parcels Express a good company to work for? Tuffnells Parcels Express has an overall rating of 2.7 out of 5, based on over 107 reviews left anonymously by employees. 20% of employees would recommend working at Tuffnells Parcels Express to a friend and 19% have a positive outlook for the business.

Is Tuffnells a good place to work?

Good place to start working

The staff are really easy to get along with and so are lower management (Mid shift manager and supervisor). There are lots of opportunities for working overtime at other depos such as Darwin or Haydock and full transport is provided when the opportunity is on.

Who now owns Tuffnells?

The specialist distributor commenced a strategic review of Tuffnells, in November 2019. Consequently, its Smiths News Holdings subsidiary has now signed a conditional share purchase agreement with Palm Bidco, which is a recently incorporated special purpose vehicle.

Who is the CEO of Tuffnells?

Chris has over 20 years’ experience in the Retail and Logistics sector, and joined Tuffnells in June 2015. He was previously a main board director at B&Q UK & Ireland, with responsibility for its Supply Chain, IT, Property and Strategy divisions.

What time do Tuffnells deliver from?

Your goods will be collected by a friendly local driver. We’ll deliver them by 12:00 noon the next day.

What do Tuffnells sell?

Tuffnells has been handling business parcel deliveries for well over 100 years, back when Harold Tuffnell had 1 horse and a cart which he purchased for just £100. Business deliveries have moved on since then, and we now deliver more parcels than the whole population of Australia every single year!

How many depots does Tuffnells?

Tuffnells is a distributor of mixed freight, specialising in items of irregular dimension and weight (IDW). It operates from a network of 36 depots and a head office in Sheffield, serving about 4,000 businesses.

Do you get a time slot with Tuffnells?

Tuffnells our courier company do not offer timeslots and you will be given a date on which your order will arrive.

Is Tuffnells a delivery service?

We provide a range of delivery options to meet any requirement for your business.

Do Tuffnells deliver on weekends?

Our premium Saturday, before noon delivery service is available to the majority of UK destinations, offering the convenience of weekend delivery.

Who delivers for Tuffnells Highlands?

About Tuffnells

You can track your Tuffnells order from collection to delivery with Parcel2Go, with free tracking on all Tuffnells services. Offering both next day and 3-5 working day delivery options, Tuffnells can get your parcel where you want it as quickly as you need.

Is Tuffnells next day delivery?

If you’re looking for next day delivery of your consignments – trust Tuffnells to deliver! As well as offering speed, we also take care of the weight. Our guaranteed next day delivery options can be used for parcels, lengths and pallets, even incompatible freight with awkward sizes and weights.

How do I contact Tuffnells?

If you have any specific queries on our international service, email [email protected] for specialist advice.

How much is Tuffnells worth?

TUFFNELLS Parcel Express is to be snapped up by listed company, the Connect Group, in a deal worth more than £113m.

Can I collect from Tuffnells Depot?

You may be able to collect a consignment from a local depot, but please do check before arriving by making a phone call. We run a 24 hour a day business, so your parcel may already be reloaded onto a vehicle for the next day’s delivery.


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