What is a shakedown business?

If an organization or system is given a shakedown, it is thoroughly reorganized in order to make it more efficient. countable noun. A shakedown is an illegal or deceitful attempt to get money from someone, for example by swindling or blackmailing them.

Why is it called a shakedown?

From the verb phrase shake down. An improvised bed would originally have been made by shaking down straw.

What’s another word for shakedown?

From the verb phrase shake down. An improvised bed would originally have been made by shaking down straw.

What is a shakedown in jail?

Searches, also called shakedowns, are a normal part of prison life. This is when a prison guard searches an inmate for contraband.

What does shakedown mean in rally?

Shakedown. The opportunity for crews to test their competition cars on terrain similar to the rally before the event starts. Competitors must drive through the shakedown stage at least three times, with all passes timed. Stages.

What does it mean to shake someone down for money?

to force someone to give you money: He was accused of shaking down small business owners in his district.

How often are shakedowns?

ΒΆ This is one of many prison shakedowns that take place. There are shakedowns that occur every thirty days.

What do inmates call guards?

BOSS: A term used by inmates to refer to officers working as guards.

How do I find a contraband room?

BOSS: A term used by inmates to refer to officers working as guards.

What does shakedown mean in f1?

Shakedown. A brief test when a team is trying a different car part for the first time before going back out to drive at 100 percent to set a fast time.


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