What is Chapel Allerton like to live in?

Chapel Allerton is one of the best-connected areas to other parts of Leeds by public transport. It’s home to quite a few major employers and close by to others in neighbouring Moortown, Chapeltown and Roundhay, while it also has a variety of one, two and three-bedroom professional properties to choose from.

What is the poshest part of Leeds?

Alwoodley. As one of the most prosperous areas of Leeds, Alwoodley is a sought after place to live and with local treasures include the beautiful Eccup Reservoir and two impressive golf courses, that’s why Alwoodley is one of the best places to live in Leeds.

Is Chapel Allerton a nice area?

It’s easy to see why Chapel Allerton is one of the most popular places to live in Leeds. It’s a bustling suburb with a lively centre that has something to offer day and night, with a slew of independent cafes, delis and shops alongside a raft of popular bars and restaurants.

How old is Chapel Allerton?

Early 18th century in appearance, but with an earlier core. Although much of its interior has been lost, it retains two 18th century fireplaces. Chapel Allerton is an historic township, with medieval links to Kirkstall Abbey, which in the 18th century became a popular resort for the wealthy inhabitants of Leeds.

Does Chapel Allerton have a train station?

What’s the nearest train station to Chapel Allerton in Leeds? The Burley Park station is the nearest one to Chapel Allerton in Leeds.

Which county is Chapel Allerton in?

What’s the nearest train station to Chapel Allerton in Leeds? The Burley Park station is the nearest one to Chapel Allerton in Leeds.

What is a nice part of Leeds to live?

From a quick Google search the most ‘popular’ places to live in Leeds show Horsforth, Roundhay, Headingley, Chapel Allerton and Leeds Waterfront.

Do rich people live in Leeds?

The richest people in Leeds and Yorkshire have been revealed this morning as part of the Sunday Times Rich List. Topping the list is French-born entrepreneur Tony Murray, who is worth £2.53bn after an increase in wealth of £230m this year.


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