What is Danone’s best selling brand?

Danone’s best-known water brand is Evian, the world’s leading bottled mineral water brand, distributed in 120 countries.

Is Dannon an American company?

Dannon was the first American yogurt company, located in the Bronx, New York City. After years of tireless work, it became the first national fresh dairy brand and expanded quickly by continually bringing new types of yogurt to Americans.

What is the name of the product Danone?

Our portfolio includes brands present worldwide (Activia, Actimel, Alpro, Danette, Danonino, Danio, evian, Volvic, Nutrilon/Aptamil, Nutricia) and in local markets (Aqua, Blédina, Cow & Gate, Bonafont, Horizon Organic, Mizone, Oikos, Prostokvashino, Silk).

What makes Danone unique?

We are #1 in dairy, #1 in plant-based and #2 in infant nutrition. We have iconic local and global brands and have led the way in many fields. Our products have an ATNI score of 90% – meaning 90% of our products are considered healthy for daily consumption.

Is Danone a good company?

Conclusion: The grade for Danone

Overall, Danone is a great company that offers products for nutrition and health conscious people and has a strong position in the market. It also invests heavily in the Asian market. It is in principle suitable for a broadly diversified retirement portfolio.

Does Danone make yogurt?

We are dedicated to bringing you the best. Our natural yogurt is made of only two ingredients: milk and natural ferments. Nothing more, nothing less.

Who bought Dannon?

Dannon Milk Products was eventually acquired by Beatrice Foods in 1959, with all the members of the board giving their consent for the sale of the company. In the 1960s, Beatrice Foods started its expansion plans for Dannon by purchasing a second production facility in Ohio.

Is Danone a yogurt?

Danone Nutriday Stawberry, Apricot, Granadilla Flavoured Yoghurt 6 x 75g | Kids Yoghurt | Yoghurt | Fresh Food | Food | Checkers ZA.

Is Danone still operating in Russia?

Danone has retained its specialised-nutrition business in Russia, a term it uses to describe foods such as infant formula and products for medical conditions. In Russia, the division largely sells infant formula and accounted for around 10% of its sales in the country in 2021.

Is Danone an ethical company?

At Danone we aim to establish fair and ethical relationships with our customers based on clear and respected terms of business. Where not already in place, we encourage our customers to adopt equivalent business principles to those set out in this Code of Business Conduct.

Why did Danone failed in India?

Wrong Products

Another failure reason for Danone in India is the firm focused on wrong products which include plain yogurt and flavored yogurt drinks. Danone tried to push these products in the Indian market due to their high success in France and U.S. at a higher rate with more profit margin.

Is Danone bigger than Nestle?

Nestlé is the most valuable food brand in the world and has the largest global food and drink brand portfolio, according to Brand Finance’s latest annual ranking report. Following the Swiss giant were France’s Danone and China’s Yili in the No. 2 and 3 spots, respectively.

Are Danone and Nestle competitors?

Danone and Nestlé are comparable, multinational food producing companies. Both companies have high ESG-ratings, and both are committed to becoming more sustainable in their products and business practices and have a strong reputation in this regard. We invest in Danone, not in Nestlé.

Where is Danone made?

Danone is headquartered in Paris, Ile-de-France, France.

What does the Danone logo mean?

Danone logo design

The logo depicts in its center a young boy looking up at a star in the sky. This young figure is actually a representation of Daniel, who was the son of Isaac Carasso, who originally founded the Danone Corporation.

What is the strategy of Danone?

The plan is built on four strategic pillars: Restoration of Danone’s competitiveness in core categories and geographies; Selective expansion of Danone’s presence, in terms of segments, channels and geographies; active seeding of future growth avenues; and active portfolio rotation.

What is Danone mission statement?


Bringing health through food to as many people as possible.” For a century, we’ve been faithful to his original purpose, selling healthy, delicious products tailored to the nutritional needs and eating habits of our consumers.

Is Danone a big company?

The company was founded in Spain in 1919 and operated back then as a small company in the yogurt segment. Today, Danone has three different product divisions: Essential Dairy and Plant-based, Waters, and Specialized Nutrition, and employs over 98 thousand people worldwide.


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