What is ION finance?

ION Trading Finance Limited develops financial software solutions. The Company provides automation and analytics which enable financial institutions, central banks, and corporations to digitize and automate their most business critical processes. ION Trading Finance serves customers worldwide.

Who owns ION markets?

CEO Andrea Pignataro founded ION in 1999. The company is backed by several large stakeholders. Its parent company is known as Ion Investment Group, or IIG. ION was backed by TA Associates, an investment company that bought 30 percent of the company for €35 million ($44 million) in 2004.

What is ION markets?

About us. ION provides capital markets technology and data solutions to financial institutions that deal in fixed income, foreign exchange, equities, derivatives, and securities finance.

Whats ion stands for?

ION sees occasional use among the many abbreviations of internet slang, from LOL to STFU. Typically standing for “in other news,” ION signals a change of topic, often abrupt in nature and with a degree of self-deprecation. I know you won’t be able to tell but I just got new contact lenses.

Is ION Trading a good company?

Good Company with okay management

The products are good.

Who is the CEO of ION?

Andrea Pignataro, ION’s Founder and CEO, said, “Carlo’s extensive experience in leading top global teams at the forefront of technological innovation is strategic for ION as we continue to expand and innovate in a growing number of segments.”

What companies does ION own?

  • Aphelion.
  • TradAir.
  • Barracuda FX.
  • MarketFactory.
  • FX Operations.
  • FX Trade and Risk Management.

Who is the CEO of Ion bank?

David Rotatori – President and CEO at Ion Bank and Ion Financial, MHC – Naugatuck, Connecticut, United States | LinkedIn.

What is ion Crypto?

ION is an open, public, permissionless Layer 2 Decentralized Identifier network that runs atop the Bitcoin blockchain.

Is ion a religious channel?

In addition, the network aired religious programming through time-lease agreements with The Worship Network (which aired its overnight programming on PAX seven nights a week) and Praise TV (featuring Contemporary Christian music and other faith-based programs aimed at teenagers and young adults, which aired on Friday …

Is ion energy a good stock to buy?

1 Wall Street equities research analysts have issued “buy,” “hold,” and “sell” ratings for Ion Energy in the last year. There are currently 1 buy rating for the stock. The consensus among Wall Street equities research analysts is that investors should “buy” ION shares.

How does ion work?

An ion is a charged atom or molecule. It is charged because the number of electrons do not equal the number of protons in the atom or molecule. An atom can acquire a positive charge or a negative charge depending on whether the number of electrons in an atom is greater or less then the number of protons in the atom.

What is ion like to work for?

Ion is a young, competitive, fast paced environment to work in. It makes you want to strive for the best. There are great incentives to working at Ion with the best training possible to reach your goals. Ion also has some of the best office locations around the world.

What is ion platform?

About ion Platform

ion interactive is a cloud-based content marketing platform, which helps businesses of all sizes create engaging content such as quizzes, eBooks, assessments, infographics, lookbooks or white papers and analyze audience’s participation, preferences and interests.

Why is it called ion?

The term “ion” was introduced by English chemist and physicist Michael Faraday in 1834 to describe the chemical species that travels from one electrode to another in aqueous solution. The word ion comes from the Greek word ion or ienai, which means “to go.”

What is ion in technology?

ION is the most trusted name in remote device management and secure access technology. ION appliances and software enable service providers, equipment manufacturers, government and military agencies, and corporations to remotely manage, monitor and secure critical voice and data networks.

What is another name for an ion?

ION is the most trusted name in remote device management and secure access technology. ION appliances and software enable service providers, equipment manufacturers, government and military agencies, and corporations to remotely manage, monitor and secure critical voice and data networks.

How many employees does ION Group have?

How is the salary at ION Trading? How is the work culture at ION Trading? Work culture is rated 3.15 at ION Trading by 71 employees. While job security is rated 3.64 and work-life balance is rated 3.57 at ION Trading.


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