What is the meaning of Mencap?

In 1946 Judy Fryd, a mother of a child with a learning disability, formed ‘The National Association of Parents of Backward Children‘ – which later became Mencap.

How does local Mencap support individuals with learning disabilities?

We work with governments and organisations to change policies and we campaign alongside thousands of people with a learning disability and their friends and families for the changes we want to see in society.

What is Mencaps big plan?

Our vision at Mencap is simple.

At its heart, Our Big Plan has a commitment to listening to and being led by people with a learning disability from all communities. As a result, we will make all our future decisions depending on what is important to people with a learning disability.

What is Mencap now called?

Since 1969 the Society has been commonly known by the abbreviation “Mencap” (presumably from Mentally Handicapped) and, in 2002, its full legal name was shortened to the Royal Mencap Society.

Who is Mencap funded by?

H&F Mencap is funded by H&F Council to deliver My Life Out and About, supporting users with learning difficulties, autism or complex needs to access mainstream community facilities.

What do mencap help with?

Our services

The services we provide range from round-the-clock care to helping someone join in with local leisure activities, providing advice and information on things like employment and education, helping someone to live independently for the first time, and even things like reporting a crime to the police.

What are the 4 major types of learning disabilities?

  • Spoken language-listening and speaking.
  • Written language-reading, writing, and spelling.
  • Arithmetic-calculation and concepts.
  • Reasoning-organization and integration of ideas and thoughts.

What are the 7 main types of learning disabilities?

  • Dyslexia.
  • Dysgraphia.
  • Dyscalculia.
  • Auditory processing disorder.
  • Language processing disorder.
  • Nonverbal learning disabilities.
  • Visual perceptual/visual motor deficit.

Is Mencap free?

You can make your Will for free online or over the phone with our partners, Farewill.

Is Mencap a good place to work?

Excellent company, a joy to work for

Mencap have been a wonderful employer, have really got on with my colleagues, the people we support and line managers.

What is Mencap in health and social care?

Mencap believe that people with a learning disability must also have choice and control over where they live and how they are supported. Care and support can range from a few hours to 24 hours a day.

Is autism a learning disability?

Like a learning disability, autism is a lifelong condition. Autism is sometimes referred to as a spectrum, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Autism is not a learning disability, but around half of autistic people may also have a learning disability.

Where is Mencap head office?

Like a learning disability, autism is a lifelong condition. Autism is sometimes referred to as a spectrum, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Autism is not a learning disability, but around half of autistic people may also have a learning disability.

What can cause learning disabilities?

Is there a cure for learning disorders?

Learning disabilities have no cure, but early intervention can lessen their effects. People with learning disabilities can develop ways to cope with their disabilities. Getting help earlier increases the chance of success in school and later in life.


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