What is Yi Fang famous for?

Yi Fang is known for its fruit-based boba drinks, made with fresh ingredients that are imported from Taiwan in an effort to support the country’s local farmers.

What does Yi Fang mean?

以防 yǐ fáng. (so as) to avoid to prevent (just) in case.

How much is a Yi Fang franchise?

The minimum investment amount required to open a Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea franchise is $345,000 and can go all the way up to $399,000.

What is Tiger sugar?

Tiger Sugar. Founded in Taichung, Taiwan in 2017, Tiger Sugar is widely credited with popularizing the brown sugar boba milk drink, first in Taiwan and then internationally — though that isn’t to say that the chain invented the drink.

What is Taiwan fruit tea?

The tea-based is made from a mixture of pineapple, lime, passion fruit and a few others blended with their house-made syrup made from cooked down brown sugar. The fruit tea has a tart taste due to the lime that is inside most of the teas.

What is KRYZ Uy family business?

According to Kryz Uy, her interest developed because of two things: her family business, which included a chain of supermarkets and department stores, and the way her family dresses. However, it was during her college years when she made it into something of her own.

Is Yifang a Taiwanese?

We use only high quality ingredients. Our fruit juices and tea leaves are imported directly from Taiwan and we use only organic, seasonal fruit and milk. We strive to recreate the authentic Taiwanese taste.

What is in the Yifang fruit tea?

  • Our classic Yifang Fruit Tea is made with authentic Taiwanese pineapple jam, passion fruit jam, fresh and organic apple and orange slices, and refreshing Mountain Tea.
  • A classic mango smoothie made with fresh mango, mango jam, coconut, and topped with grapefruit pulp and chewy sago.

When did Yi Fang open?

19 interview with the Sammamish Independent after a few eager customers walked in. “We’re training, so the doors are open… And a lot of people are excited.” Yi Fang’s actual opening day is Tuesday, March 1.

What does Yifang fruit tea taste like?


It’s often seen in the instagram. The sour and sweet taste is made of Turquoise tea(a kind of woolung tea), slices of apples and orange, pineapple jam and passion fruit juice.

Is Yifang gluten free?

All our drinks are gluten-free and we also serve non- caffeinated drinks such as Winter Melon Lemonade, Taro Milk and Mudflip Milk. YiFang’s signature drink “Mudflip” Milk Tea is our take on the popular “Bubble Milk Tea”.

How many Yi Fang are there?

Yi Fang currently has 171 overseas branches, including in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, and New Zealand.


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