What type of business is Center Parcs?

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Is Center Parcs a UK company?

Our history. The story of Center Parcs is one that has many chapters, and many pages still to fill. Whilst we have been operating in the UK since 1987, the story of Center Parcs really began in 1968, near the village of Reuver in The Netherlands.

Is Center Parcs a private company?

Center Parcs has been a public company in the past, being floated on London’s junior AIM market in 2003 before moving to a main market listing two years later. It was then taken over by Blackstone, the private equity firm, in 2006, before being sold to Brookfield in 2015 in a deal reported to have been worth £2.4bn.

What is the purpose of Centre Parcs?

We offer families the chance to escape daily stresses in beautiful woodland settings, with a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities, award-winning spa facilities, restaurants, retail outlets and, at the heart of each village, the Subtropical Swimming Paradise.

How much money does Centre Parcs make?

The Directors use the following key performance indicators to set targets and measure performance: • Revenue: Revenue for the period was £122.2 million (2020: £443.7 million).

When did Blackstone buy Centre Parcs?

Gerry Murphy, Chairman of The Blackstone Group International Partners LLP, said: “Having bought Center Parcs in 2006 and invested in its growth, it has been an excellent investment for us.

Is Center Parcs being sold?

An auction of the business, which may not formally kick off for some months, will come amid a deluge of corporate activity in the UK holiday sector, fuelled by a surge in domestic demand during the pandemic. Park Holidays recently changed hands in a £950m deal after being sold to Sun Communities of the US.

Who builds Centre Parcs lodges?

FastHouse manufactures modular open and closed panel timber frame systems for the construction industry with a 200,000sqft, highly automated manufacturing facility. Its main shareholder is Belfast-based Kevin Lagan, Chairman of the Lagan Group of Companies.

How many Centre Parcs are there in the world?

Operations and facilities. There are now 26 resorts in the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Germany. Most villages are different, but some villages such as Bispinger Heide in Germany and Domaine Les Bois Francs in France (and many more) share the same Village Plaza design.

Who is the CEO of Centre Parcs?

Operations and facilities. There are now 26 resorts in the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Germany. Most villages are different, but some villages such as Bispinger Heide in Germany and Domaine Les Bois Francs in France (and many more) share the same Village Plaza design.

Is it worth going to Centre Parcs?

A Center Parcs is a great way to spend time outdoors as a family. With the swimming and walking around the site, it was a great way to increase our activity levels-I even managed two runs while we were there! After the excesses of Christmas, it was brilliant to get some fresh air and enjoy some quality time together.

Is Centre Parcs on stock market?

Leisure village operator Center Parcs has today completed its planned de-listing from the London Stock Market, after its purchase by a private equity group.

How much did Center Parcs sell for?

Brookfield’s property arm bought Center Parcs from Blackstone for £2.4B in 2015, so a sale at that price would net Brookfield a huge profit on its investment. Brookfield had to step in to provide financial support to Center Parcs during the pandemic when income dropped to zero due to enforced closures.

How many people work at Center Parcs?

We are proud to have more than 7,000 team members across five Center Parcs villages and Head Office, working to create memorable experiences for families in beautiful forest locations.

Is swimming free at Centre Parcs?

Swimming is one of the best free things to do at Center Parcs. The Subtropical Swimming Paradise is open to all guests from 10am to 9pm and is a popular place for many families and people to go during their trip.

Which is best Center Parcs in UK?

How much did Centre Parcs cost to build?

The 400-acre site, housing 466 self-catering lodges and 30 apartments, cost €233 million (£207 million) to develop and is expected to generate €32 million a year.

How many Centre Parcs are there in the UK?

All six of our UK and Ireland locations have the same key features that make for a perfect short break: up to 400 acres of beautiful forest, a watersports lake and beach, the Subtropical Swimming Paradise water park, our Aqua Sana Spa, and a range of restaurants, activities and accommodation types.


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