What type of business is places for people?

Places for People is a leading affordable homes-led placemaker that believes places work when they work for everyone. We design homes, places and communities for the long term that are sustainable economically, socially and environmentally.

Are places for people a charity?

The Group charity the Places Foundation is an independent charitable organisation which provides grants and social investment to ‘improve the lives of people and communities that have experienced disadvantage and are furthest from the labour market’.

Are places for people limited company?

Places for People Group Ltd. provides property management, development, and regeneration services.

How are places for people funded?

Like other large housing groups, PfP raises money from investors by issuing corporate bonds in its own name.

Who is the CEO of places for people?

Greg Reed – Group CEO at Places for People – Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom | LinkedIn.

When did places for people start?

In 1999, the Places for People group was officially formed, with Bristol Churches Housing Association, one of the south-west’s best-known providers of affordable rented homes, joining soon afterwards.

How many companies form part of the Places for People Group?

Places for People is made up of more than 20 specialist companies, each working to build sustainable communities for all. We pride ourselves on our individual expertise and our ability to collaborate across the Group to provide an unrivalled end-to end placemaking service.

What is a P3 property?

About P3 Housing

We offer a range of housing options so that people can live somewhere that is right for them, including places to live with 24-hour support, self-contained flats for single people and larger accommodation for families.

What can P3 help with?

Our advice services are delivered from P3 drop-in centres (We call them ‘Navigators’) across the country, providing adults and young people with the right advice, information and guidance on a range of issues from housing, income, mental, physical and sexual health, as well as employment, education and training.

What do you deem to be the biggest challenges facing society today what can places for people do to make a difference?

  • Poverty alleviation.
  • Plastic waste management.
  • Adequate access to affordable clean energy sources.

Who owns PfP?

Asoke Deysarkar, Owner

Over the years, Asoke and his team have expanded PfP Industries to include five companies, a guar manufacturing plant in India, and distribution sites across the U.S.

Who is David Cowans?

Cowans has been one of the most influential figures in the affordable housing sector over the past two decades. In his 24-year tenure as chief executive before standing down last year, he built Places for People into a giant housing association with more than 219,000 homes under management and more than £800m turnover.

Who is the CEO of Places for People UK?

Places for People Group has announced that Greg Reed will succeed Group Chief Executive David Cowans. Greg Reed, former CEO of HomeServe UK, will take up the role on December 1st 2021. Following a 20-plus year international career in banking, Greg joined HomeServe and was UK CEO from 2017 to 2020.

Where is Homegroup based?

Created in the north east but now with a presence in England and Scotland, Home Group support over 125,000 customers across 55,000 properties. Home Group is a social enterprise that supports some of the most vulnerable in society, including people with mental and physical health issues.

What does jigsaw housing do?

Housing Jigsaw uses Azures Load Balancer that delivers high availability and network performance. It is a Layer 4 (TCP, UDP) load balancer that distributes incoming traffic among healthy instances of services defined in a load-balanced set.


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