What type of business is Screwfix?

Screwfix is the United Kingdom’s largest multi channel retailer of trade tools, accessories and hardware products. Founded in 1979 as the Woodscrew Supply Company, the company was acquired in July 1999 by Kingfisher plc, which also owns B&Q, and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

What services do Screwfix provide?

  • Heating & Plumbing.
  • Electrical & Lighting.
  • Bathrooms & Kitchens.
  • Outdoor & Gardening.
  • Screws, Nails & Fixings.
  • Security & Ironmongery.
  • Building & Doors.
  • Safety & Workwear.

What do you know about Screwfix?


Screwfix is the largest home improvement retailer in the UK. Screwfix offers over 10,000 products available for pick up from 731 stores nationwide. The company was founded in 1979 as the Woodscrew Supply Company. In July of 1999, Screwfix was acquired by Kingfisher Inc.

Are Screwfix good employers?

Excellent work life balance for all staff. Good training programs here for all staff to take them into management and then all the way up to Branch Manager. Bonuses for BM and Assistant manager each year depending on performance. Overall great company to work for and I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Is Screwfix a good place to work?

Good company, good progression, pay is average in to a little low. Screwfix is a great place to develop and there’s a career for you there if you show willing to progress. The pay is average to low however you do receive a large yearly bonus which can make up for this.

How is Screwfix successful?

Rather than focusing on cost cutting, as many organisations did, Screwfix focused on beating the competition – out Amazoning Amazon. To provide a proposition across all channels – digital, stores, and Catalogue – to such an extent that the mighty Amazon would exit the DIY market.

Who are Screwfix competitors?

Screwfix competitors include Pier 1 Imports, Lowe’s Home Improvement, The Container Store and Wickes.

What company owns Screwfix?

Screwfix is part of Kingfisher plc, the international home improvement company with over 1,400 stores, supported by a team of over 80,000 colleagues, in 10 countries in Europe and Turkey. For further information go to www.kingfisher.com.

Is Screwfix for trade only?

Unfortunately, they are open to the public. Who often want to purchase items from the trade counter, but very often want to see the product they are buying before purchase.

Can you pay cash at Screwfix?

Yes, we are accepting cash but we ask where possible you please use card.

What courier does Screwfix use?

We have partnered with Gophr, a same day courier specialist that will collect your order from store and deliver it to you.

What questions do they ask at a screwfix interview?

  • Why did you apply to screwfix? Answer Question.
  • Describe a time you maintained a relationship with a customer in the past? Answer Question.
  • Describe a time you have had to work in a team, what went well? And what went not so well? Answer Question.

What do I need to know for a screwfix interview?

  • Questions looking for examples of previous experiences and how certain situations have been dealt with. Mainly team and colleague based questions.
  • How would you make it a good experience and the customer would want to come back.
  • They asked me if I can make a decent round of toast.

What should I wear to a screwfix interview?

Smart casual. Dress smart but not over board just look presentable.

What is screwfix hourly rate?

The average Screwfix salary ranges from approximately £11,673 per year for Service Assistant to £38,157 per year for Finance Manager. Average Screwfix hourly pay ranges from approximately £6.97 per hour for Retail Customer Service Representative to £11.95 per hour for Dental Hygienist.

How do I get a job at Screwfix?

Pop into your local Trade Counter and speak with a Branch Manager, who can help with your application. You can also contact our team on [email protected].

What age do you need to be to work at Screwfix?

They do employ 16 year olds and I know that they do also offer part time contracts that will allow someone to go to college to continue their education and then work maybe 4 half days and one at the weekend.

Is Screwfix monthly pay?

It’s monthly on the last working day of each month……and often incorrect. Do you get paid less when you start during the probationary period?


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