What type of council is Plymouth City Council?

Plymouth City Council is a unitary Council so this means it provides all the Council services within the city. Increasingly the Council works closely with its partners in health and wellbeing to take a whole system approach.

Who is in charge of Plymouth City Council?

Leader of the Council – Councillor Richard Bingley

Liaison with Government.

Where is Plymouth City Council based?

Ballard House is on West Hoe Road, Plymouth PL1 3BJ.

Is Plymouth City Council Conservative?

The Conservative group has formed an administration following the local election on 6 May which resulted in the Conservative Party having 26 councillors, Labour 24 and seven independent members.

Is Plymouth part of Devon County Council?

From the beginning in 1889, the county boroughs of Exeter, Devonport and Plymouth were outside the jurisdiction of the county council. Devonport was afterwards absorbed by the City of Plymouth. Torbay received county borough status and left the area of Devon County Council in 1968.

Do Plymouth councillors get paid?

Councillors do not get paid a salary, however they do receive an annual allowance which reimburses them for time they have spent on council duties, as well as telephone and other office expenses.

What party is Plymouth City Council?

The current leader of the council is Richard Bingley of the Conservative Party and the opposition group leader is Tudor Evans of the Labour Party.

How many councillors are there in Plymouth?

For a copy of the Ward Map visit Plymouth wards. There are 57 councillors in total. Following the elections on 5 May 2022 there are: Conservative – 29.

How do I speak to someone at Plymouth City Council?

Call the council

Call the Contact Centre on 01752 668000. If you need to contact the Council outside of these hours please call 01752 668000 and you will be transferred to an automated phone system which will guide you to the correct department.

How do I claim my 150 council tax rebate Plymouth?

  • Provide the Council with their bank details and receive the £150 through a BACS credit to your account.
  • Request a £150 credit to your Council Tax account.
  • Request a Post Office voucher to obtain £150 cash from any Post Office branch.

Who are the Councillors for Portsmouth?

  • Councillor Yinka Adeniran. Charles Dickens. Labour.
  • Councillor Dave Ashmore. Fratton. Liberal Democrat.
  • Councillor Matthew Atkins. Cosham.
  • Councillor Chris Attwell. St Thomas.
  • Councillor Kimberly Barrett. Milton.
  • Councillor Simon Bosher. Drayton & Farlington.
  • Councillor Ryan Brent. Drayton & Farlington.
  • Councillor Stuart Brown. Fratton.

Is Plymouth council Labour?

Councillors defending their seats in this election were previously elected in 2016. In that election, eleven Labour candidates and eight Conservative candidates were elected. Following the 2018 Plymouth City Council election, the council has been controlled by the Labour Party, initially with thirty-one councillors.

Is Plymouth a nice place to live?

Boasting almost ten miles of coastline home to a host of marinas, docklands and seaside promenades Plymouth is a great coastal city. Ideal for lovers of the seaside, living in Plymouth is perfect for those who still want to live in an urban area. Living in Plymouth offers residents a truly excellent lifestyle.

Is Plymouth a city or town?

Plymouth became a City in 1928. The boundaries were redrawn in 1938 and 1951, each time adding to the population. The Plympton and Plymstock areas, which had both grown steadily after the First World War, were added in 1967.


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