What type of hospital is clatterbridge?

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is one of the UK’s leading cancer centres.

Is Clatterbridge Hospital private?

As we continue to grow and expand, we are seeking talented and ambitious individuals to join our highly skilled team. We are proud to be the first private hospital network in Ireland to offer to our patients a mobile app.

What are the best cancer hospitals in the UK?

Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK

The Royal Marsden is ranked in the top five cancer centres globally and treats around 60,000 patients annually. Royal Marsden has dedicated treatment units for all cancer types and paediatric speciality services.

How many beds does Clatterbridge Hospital have?

The specialist 11-storey hospital has 110-inpatient beds and delivers a wide range of highly-specialist cancer care including pioneering chemotherapy, immunotherapy, gene therapy, haemato-oncology and radiotherapy.

How many oncology Centres are there in the UK?

The number of consultant clinical oncologists working in each of the 62 cancer centres/ hospitals across the UK varies between two and 42 (with a mean of 14).

What is clatterbridge?

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust is one of the UK’s leading cancer centres providing highly specialist cancer care to a population of 2.4m people across Cheshire, Merseyside and the surrounding areas including the Isle of Man.

Where is the Breast Clinic at Clatterbridge Hospital?

Where are we? Clinics are held in the women’s outpatient department on the ground floor of the Wirral Women and Children’s Hospital and urodynamics investigations are performed in the Gynaecology Treatment Centre (GTC) on the first floor.

How much is parking at Clatterbridge Hospital?

Clatterbridge Hospital – parking charges of £2.50 per visit (conditions and exemptions apply) St Catherine’s Health Centre – free on-site car parking for a maximum stay of 3 hours. Disable car parking spaces are available. Eastham Clinic – free on-site car parking.

Who is the best cancer doctor in the UK?

  • Mr Alwitry, Amar. Ophthalmology.
  • Mr Miranda, Sanjay. Orthopaedic surgery.
  • Dr Suntharalingam, Ganesh. Anaesthesiology.
  • Dr Loke, Tuck-Kay. Pulmonology & respiratory medicine.
  • Dr Brett, Stephen. Anaesthesiology.

Is private cancer care better than NHS?

But usually treatments for cancer are the same whether you have it privately or on the NHS. You might be able to get some tests or treatments done more quickly in private practice. But some cancer treatments, such as radiotherapy, need expensive specialised equipment. This might not be available in private hospitals.

Where is the best cancer treatment in the UK?

Located just south of Manchester in the North of England, the Christie NHS Foundation Trust is today the largest single site cancer centre in Europe, treating 44,000 patients a year.

Is there parking at Clatterbridge hospital Liverpool?

Paddington Village Car Park provides ample free parking for patients and their visitors to Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – Liverpool.

How many hospitals are there in Liverpool?

Our Trust consists of four separate hospitals; Aintree University Hospital, the Royal Liverpool Hospital, Broadgreen Hospital and the Liverpool University Dental Hospital. Click below to choose the hospital you need.

What does Arrowe Park Hospital Specialise in?

Arrowe Park Hospital is a flagship hospital located in the heart of the Wirral peninsula. Based here, as well as the full range of acute health services for adults and children, there is an Accident & Emergency (A&E) unit, a Maternity Unit and a Walk-In Centre.


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