Where does Dr Louise Newson work?

The clinic

In 2018 she opened Newson Health Menopause and Wellbeing Centre in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. This is a private clinic (due to there being far too little provision for menopausal women in the NHS) which offers women evidence-based and holistic care for their perimenopause and menopause.

What is a menopause expert?

A menopause specialist is a healthcare professional who has additional knowledge and skills, assessing and treating women with complex needs such as multiple treatment failures, POI, complex medical problems, high risk cancer genes or hormone dependant cancer.

Is the balance menopause app free?

Information that empowers women and helps to facilitate a quicker diagnosis and access to treatment should always be 100% free. If you choose to subscribe to balance+ for our additional features, you’ll help support our mission and keep the rest of balance app free, for everyone.

Does HRT make you gain weight?

Many women believe that taking HRT will make them put on weight, but there’s no evidence to support this claim. You may gain some weight during the menopause, but this often happens regardless of whether you take HRT. Exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet should help you to lose any unwanted weight.

How long does the menopause last?

The menopausal transition most often begins between ages 45 and 55. It usually lasts about seven years but can be as long as 14 years. The duration can depend on lifestyle factors such as smoking, age it begins, and race and ethnicity.

Can my GP prescribe testosterone for menopause?

Testosterone is produced by the ovaries and your levels usually get lower with age. It’s not currently licenced for use in women, although it can be prescribed after the menopause by a specialist doctor if they think it might help restore your sex drive.

What are the symptoms of perimenopause?

  • Irregular periods.
  • Hot flashes and sleep problems.
  • Mood changes.
  • Vaginal and bladder problems.
  • Decreasing fertility.
  • Changes in sexual function.
  • Loss of bone.
  • Changing cholesterol levels.

What is the best doctor to see for menopause?

“When a period stops, women feel OK and they don’t need a doctor to diagnose menopause.” But women may struggle with symptoms because they interfere with their daily lives. That’s when they should consult a gynecologist.

What’s the best supplement for menopause?

  • Black Cohosh: Help for Hot Flashes? 1/1
  • Flaxseed: Easing Night Sweats. 2/1
  • Calcium: Preventing Bone Loss. 3/1
  • Red Clover: Popular but Unproven. 4/1
  • Vitamin D: Get Some Sun.
  • Wild Yam: Alternative to Hormones. 6/1
  • Ginseng: Mood Booster. 7/1
  • St. John’s Wort: Control Mood Swings.

What is the best herbal remedy for menopause?

  • Black cohosh.
  • Red clover.
  • Dong quai.
  • Evening primrose oil.
  • Maca.
  • Soy.
  • Flax seeds.
  • Ginseng.

Can you stay on HRT for life?

There’s no limit on how long you can take HRT, but talk to a GP about how long they recommend you take the treatment. Most women stop taking it once their menopausal symptoms pass, which is usually after a few years.

Do I have to pay for HRT prescription UK?

A single annual prepayment of £18.70 for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) prescriptions will be introduced in April 2023, the pharmacy minister has said. The scheme was first announced in October 2021 and promises potential savings of up to £205 by enabling women to pay one charge for a 12-month supply of HRT.

Do fibroids shrink after menopause?

In most cases, fibroids will shrink to a much smaller size and no longer cause any symptoms after menopause. It is important for a woman who is having vaginal bleeding or other symptoms of fibroids after menopause to see her doctor.

Can HRT reduce belly fat?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can affect weight loss in women. In addition to having less abdominal fat, the same study found that women undergoing HRT were almost one whole point lower on the body mass index (BMI) scale, and they had nearly 3 pounds less of fat mass.

Does HRT make you look younger?

By supplementing your body’s natural hormone levels, HRT can help you maintain a more youthful body composition. While this effect is particularly evident in men, research suggests that women can also benefit. HRT is also known to help women maintain softer, smoother skin, resulting in a younger look.

Can estrogen reduce belly fat?

Because estrogen affects how your body distributes fat, low estrogen levels can contribute to gaining fat in your belly area. However, estrogen replacement therapy can help your body redistribute this fat to different areas on your body, rather than your abdominal area.

Can a woman Orgasim after menopause?

Orgasms — and great sex — are still absolutely possible, through menopause and beyond. A few small changes can go a long way toward increasing your pleasure during sex — solo or partnered — and boosting physical and emotional intimacy with your partner(s).


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