Which NHS trust is Chelsea Westminster?

Hospitals. Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust runs two main hospitals: Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

What is the difference between an NHS trust and an NHS Foundation Trust?

Foundation trusts have some managerial and financial freedom when compared to NHS trusts. The introduction of foundation trusts represented a change in the history of the National Health Service and the way in which hospital services are managed and provided.

Is Chelsea and Westminster Hospital private or NHS?

Our Trust’s Private Patient facilities are situated within, and benefit from, all the services of a leading NHS Foundation Trust and teaching hospital.

Who owns Chelsea and Westminster Hospital?

Although the hospital has been at its present site since only 1993, the hospital has a rich history in that it serves as the new site for the Westminster Hospital. It is operated by Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and has close ties with Imperial College London.

What does Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Specialise in?

The Trust provides specialist services including HIV and Sexual Health, Burns, Paediatrics, high risk Obstetrics and Neonatal Care for patients from London, the South East and further afield, a full range of general medical and surgical services for the local community, and an increasing number of services in community …

What does it mean when a hospital is a foundation trust?

A Foundation Trust is an NHS organisation which gives greater opportunities for people, patients and staff who have a genuine interest in the Trust to have more of a say about the way in which services are provided.

What is an NHS trust and how do they work?

NHS trusts are public sector bodies established by parliamentary order by the secretary of state for health to provide healthcare services to the NHS. They have a board of executive and non-executive directors, and are accountable to the secretary of state.

What is the role of NHS foundation trusts?

NHS foundation trusts are public benefit corporations that are authorised, under the 2006 Act, to provide goods and services for the purposes of the health service in England. They are part of the NHS and provide over half of all NHS hospital, mental health and ambulance services.

Which is the largest NHS Trust in UK?

NHS foundation trusts are public benefit corporations that are authorised, under the 2006 Act, to provide goods and services for the purposes of the health service in England. They are part of the NHS and provide over half of all NHS hospital, mental health and ambulance services.

Who owns NHS Foundation Trust?

NHS Foundation Trusts are part of the NHS and treat patients according to NHS quality standards and principles – free care based on need, not the ability to pay. We became a NHS Foundation Trust on 1 May 2008 following a formal assessment by Monitor the independent regulator for NHS Foundation Trusts.

How many NHS foundation trusts are there in the UK?

An NHS trust is a healthcare provider, set up to deliver hospital and community services, and other aspects of patient care. There are 219 trusts in the UK (2021), including 10 ambulance trusts.

When did Westminster Hospital close?

Westminster Hospital had several different locations over its 275 years of operation before closing in 1992 to reopen as the new Chelsea and Westminster.

How do I transfer from NHS to private hospital?

You need to speak to your insurance company and current consultant. The insurance company/ hospital that you are being transferred to will arrange a private ambulance – nothing to do with the NHS service. Contact your insurer and ask them.

What hospitals are in London?

  • Royal London Hospital. Whitechapel Road. London E1 1BB.
  • University College Hospital. 235 Euston Road. London NW1 2BU.
  • St Thomas’ Hospital. Westminster Bridge Road.
  • Guy’s Hospital. Great Maze Pond.
  • Homerton University Hospital. Homerton Row.
  • Moorfields Eye Hospital. 162 City Road.
  • St Bartholomew’s Hospital. West Smithfield.

How many employees does Chelsea and Westminster Hospital have?

With more than 6,000 members of staff we are proud to care for a diverse population of one million people.

How old is Chelsea and Westminster Hospital?

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital was built in just five years and opened in 1993, on the site once occupied by St Stephen’s Hospital—bringing together staff, services and equipment from five London hospitals.

What are the values of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital?

Responsive to patients and staff. Open and honest. Unfailingly kind. Determined to develop.

How many beds does Chelsea and Westminster Hospital have?

Responsive to patients and staff. Open and honest. Unfailingly kind. Determined to develop.


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