Who are 1st Central owned by?

First Central Insurance Management Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of First Central Group Limited.

Who underwrites 1st Central?

Skyfire Insurance underwrites our car insurance policies. It evaluates the risk and profitability of private motor insurance for UK-based motorists, writing the private motor policy premiums and establishing the right base underwriting price. Our underwriting approach has been fundamental in the success of the group.

Is First Central car insurance good?

TrustPilot has given 1st Central a rating of 4.5 out of five based on 14,759 customer reviews, giving the insurer an ‘excellent’ rating.

Who is the CEO of First Central?

Michael Lee

Prior to joining First Central, Michael was Managing Director within the Hastings Insurance Group and part of the executive team that led the private equity deal with Goldman Sachs in 2013, and successfully floated the business in 2015.

Where are First Central Insurance based?

We’re a car insurance provider based in the UK, selling insurance directly through our website and also via price comparison sites, where we regularly make it on to the ‘top 10 sellers’ list.

How many employees does first Central have?

Having established as a group in 2008, we have over 1,000 dedicated colleagues across our subsidiary businesses, with locations in Guernsey, Gibraltar, Sussex and Manchester.

Does First Central have an app?

The 1ST CENTRAL Connect app detects and measures a number of things, including: Phone usage while driving – Don’t use your smartphone whilst driving or hand it to a passenger to use. This can affect your driving score as the app detects when your phone is being used while your car is being driven.

What is 1st Central Premier?

1ST CENTRAL Premier is a car insurance product offered by 1ST CENTRAL, which includes Breakdown Cover and Legal Expenses Cover as standard. The Breakdown Cover is provided by the RAC. See what features are included in our Breakdown Cover. If you need RAC’s help, please call 0330 159 8714.

What year did 1st central value sell its first policy?

Our history

We’ve come a long way since we sold our first motor insurance policy back in 2008. From launching our first TV advert to becoming an award-winning employer, we’ve got a lot to shout about!

How do I contact my first central car insurance?

That’s why we’ve now made it possible for you to register your claim online via Your Account. If you’d rather speak to us, just give us a call 24/7 on 0333 043 2011 to register your claim. To discuss an existing claim, simply call us on 0333 043 2022 or chat to us over web chat Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm.

Who is skyfire insurance?

Skyfire Insurance is privately owned by First Central Group Limited, an innovative insurance and technology organisation, delivering market-leading motor insurance, underwriting, distribution, finance, technology and legal services.

Who is the best car insurer in the UK?

  • LV=: Best for cheaper rates.
  • Direct Line: Best for customer service.
  • Admiral: Best for multi-car.
  • Saga: Best for over-50s.
  • Veygo: Best for temporary insurance.
  • Hastings Direct: Best for young drivers.
  • Swinton: Best for convicted drivers.

Should I protect my no claims bonus?

Is it worth protecting no claims? If you have a big discount you’ve built up, say 50% for example, you might want to consider paying for no claims protection. This is because if you make a claim, you could lose anything you’ve built up already. But if you’ve paid for the extra, it should be protected.

Is legal cover necessary on car insurance?

Legal cover (sometimes referred to as “legal expenses”) is not a legal requirement, but could ultimately save you money in the long run. If it’s not included as standard, it can usually be added as an optional extra to your car insurance policy for extra peace of mind.

What is third party insurance?

Third-party insurance, which is also sometimes referred to as ‘act-only’ insurance is a statutory requirement for all vehicle owners as per the Motor Vehicle Act. It is a type of insurance cover where the insurer offers protection against damage to the third-party vehicle, personal property and physical injury.

Can I cancel my car insurance if I pay monthly?

Can I cancel my car insurance if I pay monthly? Yes. Plenty of people choose to pay their car insurance monthly, and there’s nothing to stop you from cancelling. Just tell your insurance provider that you want to cancel and they’ll arrange it for you.

How do I stop renewal of 1st Central?

How do I cancel my car insurance policy? If your renewal date is due within the next 30 days and you don’t wish to renew, please call us on 0333 043 2055. For all other policies please call us on 0333 043 2066.


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