Who is CEF owned by?

City Electrical Factors (CEF) and The Segen Group Limited (Segen) today announced that CEF’s parent company, Labora Holdings Limited (Labora), and Segen have entered into an agreement under which Labora will acquire 100% of Segen, a leading global distributor of residential and commercial rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV …

Can you buy from CEF?

Shop on the go with our mobile app

Whether you’re at home, onsite, or out and about, our free CEF Trade App enables you to order the electrical products you need from the CEF Trade Catalogue direct from your smart phone. Simply download the App, scan the product you want, select and then check out!

What does CEF electrical stand for?

City Electrical Factors Ltd is a private limited company established in 1951. We are the United Kingdom’s leading Electrical Wholesale Network with almost twice as many distribution outlets as our nearest competitor.

When was CEF founded?

City Electrical Factors Ltd is a private limited company established in 1951. We are the United Kingdom’s leading Electrical Wholesale Network with almost twice as many distribution outlets as our nearest competitor.

Does CEF sell to the public?

Anybody looking to buy electrical products can get them at their convenience and will have the same consistent experience wherever and whenever they shop at CEF.”

How many CEF stores are there in the UK?

Your Nearest CEF

Enter your town or postcode below to find our stores nearest to you. With 390 stores nationwide, there’s always a store near you.

Who started City Electrical Factors?

Thomas Mackie, an ex-GEC employee and former Royal Air Force radio operator, founded City Electrical Factors with just one outlet in Coventry. He began by selling electric cables and light fittings to local contractors. He died in January 2012, aged 89 and the company is now run by his grandson, Thomas, aged 28.

Do I need an account for CEF?

To become part of the CEF Digital community, you need an EU Login account.

How do I check my CEF balance?

Alternatively, applicants can enquire through the Continuing Education Fund (CEF) 24-hour hotline at 3142 227, or SFO E-Link (https://www.wfsfaa.gov.hk/cef/en/elink.htm) for the accounts information.

How do I close my CEF account?

  • Phone or email. Call customer services on 01763 272 717 or the store you deal with or email us at [email protected].
  • Online. Complete the cancellation form on our website www.cef.co.uk/cancellation.
  • By post.

Who is the biggest electrical wholesaler in the UK?

ANEW, the largest independent electrical wholesale group in the UK.

What does CEF mean in insurance?

Relative discounts/premiums are relative to the average discount of a specific closed-end fund (CEF).

What is an electrical wholesaler?

An electrical wholesaler sells stuff to electricians – according to the specifications and needs of the electricians (many times written down on long lists, taken by phone as phone-orders, emailed, etc) we order, prepare, and sell the electrical items an electrician needs.


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