Who is Gail’s owned by?

Bread Holdings, the parent company of GAIL’s Bakery and The Bread Factory, have secured an investment from Bain Capital Credit in partnership with EBITDA Investments, the food ecosystem fund, backed by entrepreneurs Henry McGovern and Steven K.

Is Gail’s bakery a chain?

Gail’s now trades from nearly 70 outlets, with plans to open dozens more sites – taking the total to more than 100 – during the next three years. It specialises in selling a range of premium sourdough breads, pastries, and cakes, alongside coffee and hot food prepared in-store.

Who founded Gail’s?

History lesson

The bakery was started in back in the 1990s by Gail Mejia (hence the brand name). Molnar describes her as a “food pioneer, especially around baking”. Having assembled a “really great group of bakers”, for its first 10 years the business provided artisan bakery for chefs of high-end venues in London.

Who owns the bread Factory?

In 1993, our founder Gail Stephens decided to turn back the clock on industrialised baking practices and bake bread as it used to be baked: by hand, using quality ingredients and time-worn artisanal methods. We’ve come a long way since those days of Gail bringing together a handful of London’s best bakers.

How much is gails worth?

Based on current trading, the business has sales of over £130m annually, with the transaction valued the company at over £200m, according to Bain Capital. Commenting on the deal, Sandro Patti, a director at Bain Capital Credit, said: “Gail’s is a premier brand in the growing craft bakery market.

Is Gail’s bread healthy?

Good quality bread, which uses the whole grain, contains carbs, protein and fat, coupled with a nutrient dense topping (such as eggs, salmon, avocado) will nourish the body, regulate blood sugar and minimize the need for snacking. We love that our bread is health food.

What is the most famous bakery in London?

But arrêter les conneries: in London, in 2022, its croissants, Breton specialities, and chaussons aux pommes (also known as the best French pastry in the world) have no competition.

What’s it like working at gails bakery?

GAIL’s Bakery Reviews FAQs

GAIL’s Bakery has an overall rating of 3.8 out of 5, based on over 291 reviews left anonymously by employees. 69% of employees would recommend working at GAIL’s Bakery to a friend and 63% have a positive outlook for the business. This rating has improved by 39% over the last 12 months.

Do bakeries make everything from scratch?

No, you do not need your own recipes to start a bakery. Not only that, but there’s no need to make everything from scratch. You don’t even have to make ANYTHING from scratch! You could EVEN sell baked goods that other people make and resell them.

What is the meaning of Gail?

Gail in American English

(ɡeil) noun. a female or male given name: from a Hebrew word meaning “ joy”

Who is Tom Molnar?

Molnar grew up baking with his grandparents in Florida and studied Ecology at Ivy-League Dartmouth College. He initially wanted to be a fish farmer but ended up working as a trader for agricultural firm Cargill, and later in management consulting.

Does Gail’s allow dogs?

Dogs are welcome inside and out.

Does Gail’s bakery have WIFI?

1 answer. Hello, we certainly do and wifi is free in all of our bakeries.

Does gails do gluten free?

The loaf is made with three gluten-free flours, including brown teff, brown rice and chickpea flour. It is baked using wild yeast and a little bit of rapseed oil, in our gluten-free bakery. Many gluten-free loaves contain eggs or dairy, but we wanted to avoid this and keep the loaf suitable for vegans in doing so.

Is GAILs good to work for?

Fair employer, lovely colleagues and good training.

I have worked in hospitality a long time, Back of House. I have found moving to GAILs a positive experience. This company stands out to me because of its commitment to training up all employees regardless of past experience.

Is Gail’s sourdough healthy?

Our bread is full of prebiotic goodness and gut supporting fibre. The best way to maximise your intake is to vary your bread – so perhaps a slice of our Danish Spelt Sourdough loaf one day, and then a slice of our Seeded Sourdough another.

How many calories in a Gail’s cheese straw?

Gail’s cheese straws are 455 calories. They aren’t even enormous!

What is Wastel bread?

Definition of wastel bread

: bread formerly made of very fine flour also : a cake or loaf of such bread.


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