Who is the largest garden centre group in the UK?

British Garden Centres (BGC) is the UK’s largest family-owned garden centre group with 60 centres around the country.

Which is the largest Dobbies Garden Centre?

If you’re in the area then why not pop into Dobbies Garden Centre? Dobbies Atherstone is situated just off the A5 between Atherstone and Nuneaton, it covers a whopping 52 acres and is one of the UK’s biggest garden centres.

What sector is a garden centre?

A diversifying sector

These additional goods, services and experiences only reinforce the value of the garden centre industry as a physical retail sector, which cannot easily be replaced or replicated online.

What was the garden centre called before Dobbies?

Dobbies Garden Centres (styled as Dobbies) is a British chain of garden centres based in Lasswade, Scotland. It is the biggest garden centre operator in the United Kingdom, operating over 68 stores, some of which it acquired from the previous biggest garden centre chain, Wyevale.

Who owns the British Garden Centres?

Charles and Robert Stubbs are the directors and owners of The British Garden Centres Group, which has 60 garden centres in the UK. The brothers have been in the gardening business since the 1970s, but their roots in horticulture and agriculture in the Lincolnshire Wolds go back much further.

Are plant nurseries cheaper than garden centres?

Small local nurseries are normally much better value than the big garden centres, and often come with great free advice.

Is it better to buy plants from a nursery?

Plants purchased from your local nursery can save you time and frustration – and chances are, they’ll live longer and look better. Nurseries use feeders and top grade soil while caring for their plants. These plants tend to live longer and look more appealing because skilled gardeners have cared for them.

What is the difference between a plant nursery and a garden centre?

The main business of plant nurseries is to grow plants for domestic gardens while the primary business of garden centers is to sell plants and related products. Garden centers are not only dedicated to selling plants but also to inspiring their customers with creative planting ideas.

Is Dobbies owned by Sainsburys?

Dobbies CEO: “Waitrose and Dobbies share a commitment to great value, quality and sustainability.”

Who manufactures Dobbies garden furniture?

Garden furniture

Each range is a mix of own brand (65%) and branded, primarily from Bramblecrest, Alexander Rose and Kettler. Some of the own brand products are supplied by Leisuregrow.

Are Dobies and Suttons the same company?

T&M has acquired 100% of the share capital of Suttons Seeds Ltd and its 3 brands: Suttons, Dobies and the Organic Catalogue.

Where is the largest garden centre in the UK?

Bridgemere is one of Britain’s largest Garden centres and receives around 500,000 annual visitors.

What are companies that sell plants called?

A nursery is a place where plants are propagated and grown to a desired age.

Is a garden centre profitable?

As well as the usual plants and flowers, garden franchises are increasingly stocking homeware and garden furniture. Therefore, running a garden nursery can be lucrative all year round.

Who bought Dobbies Garden Centres?

The retailer will sell 3,000 of Sainsbury’s own-branded products in 66 of its 68 garden centres. Graeme Jenkins, Dobbies’ chief executive, said: “The partnership between Dobbies and Sainsbury’s is an excellent fit, with a shared goal of offering the best to our customers.”

Did Tesco ever own Dobbies?

Tesco bought Dobbies Garden Centres in 2007, and since then it has grown to become the UK’s second largest specialist garden centre retailer, operating 35 garden centres across Scotland, England and Northern Ireland.

How many garden Centres do British Garden Centres have?

British Garden Centres is one of the UK’s leading family run garden centre groups with 61 centres nationwide. With our dedicated teams, we ensure that British Garden Centres delivers the best possible experience for our customers.

How many Centres does British garden Centres have?

The British Garden Centres Group (BGC) are the largest family-owned and led garden centre operator in the UK, with 60 centres across the country.


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