Who is the leader of Halton Borough Council?

Halton Borough Council is set to appoint Stephen Young as its new Chief Executive.

Is Halton a deprived area?

Halton has inherited a number of physical, environmental and social problems as a result of its past. The index of multiple deprivation 2019 ranked Halton 39th out of 317 local authority areas, indicating higher levels of deprivations compared to other areas of England [3].

What council is wa7?

Halton Borough Council Website: HBC Services Online.

What council is Runcorn under?

Halton Borough Council is the local authority for the Borough of Halton, incorporating the towns of Runcorn and Widnes and the parishes of Daresbury, Hale, Moore and Preston Brook.

Who is the leader of Knowsley Council?

Knowsley Council shifts to emergency response mode in the face of cost of living crisis – Knowsley… At tonight’s Cabinet, Council Leader Cllr Graham Morgan confirmed that the Council has stepped up its emergency response procedures in light of the emerging cost of living crisis.

Is Runcorn a deprived area?

Housing, deprivation and health:

It contains ten areas that are in the 3% most deprived in England, seven of which are in Runcorn.

Is Runcorn classed as Merseyside?

The Wirral became a metropolitan borough in Merseyside. Many places in the northeast of the county also became Metropolitan boroughs within Greater Manchester. However Runcorn and Widnes became parts of Halton Borough Council. Warrington and Halton became borough councils in Cheshire.

How many people live in Halton UK?

A map shows the English regions and Wales. In Halton, the population size has increased by 2.0%, from around 125,700 in 2011 to 128,200 in 2021.

Why is Widnes called Widnes?

The most usual explanation for the origin of the name Widnes is that it comes from the Danish words vid, meaning wide, and noese, meaning nose and that it refers to the promontory projecting into the River Mersey.

Is Runcorn a town?

Runcorn, town, Halton unitary authority, historic county of Cheshire, northwestern England. It lies on the southern shore of the River Mersey 15 miles (24 km) upstream from the port of Liverpool. The main industry is the production of chemicals.

Is Widnes poor?

Residents in Runcorn and Widnes are some of the unhealthiest in England and Wales, with people living in the poorest parts of the borough lucky to live to be 74 — five years less than the combined national average for men and women.

How do I complain to Halton Council?

Contact Us: tel:0303 333 4300 | email:[email protected].

What county is Widnes?

Widnes, town in the unitary authority of Halton, historic county of Lancashire, northwestern England. It is situated on the north bank of the River Mersey at its lowest bridging point and on the southern periphery of the Liverpool metropolitan region.

What council is Hartlepool in?

The local authority is Hartlepool Borough Council, a member of the Tees Valley Combined Authority.

Is Runcorn under Liverpool?

The town is in the southeast of the Liverpool City Region, with Liverpool 11 mi (18 km) to the northwest across the River Mersey.

What council does Frodsham come under?

Frodsham Town Council | Cheshire West and Chester Council.

What areas are Halton?

Halton Region serves residents and businesses in the City of Burlington and Towns of Halton Hills, Milton and Oakville by providing a wide range of essential programs and services.

How many Councillors are in Knowsley?

The 2022 Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council election took place on 5 May 2022. One third of councillors — 15 out of 45 — on Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council were elected. The election took place alongside other local elections across the United Kingdom.


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