Who owns Bosco Pizzeria?

With two restaurants in Bristol and another due to open in Cheltenham shortly, Bosco Pizzeria is the brain-child of founder and owner, Miles Johnson, whose holiday trips to Italy has inspired his love of Italian food and the ingredient-led simplicity of its cooking along with the culture of Italian family dining.

Why are Bosco sticks so good?

The Bosco Stick serves as a deconstructed pizza that is less messy to eat. Baked until they are golden brown, the bread itself is slightly fluffy with the chew of a decent pizza crust. But the real magic lies with the stick: The cheese manages to melt in a magical way where it’s not rubbery, but stretchy.

Are Bosco sticks good?

These breadsticks are so delicious! Great for kids to help boost Protein in there diet. If you’re looking for the classic stuffed breadsticks from school lunches these are it! Very ´┐╝nostalgic´┐╝, and the perfect snack!

What are the school cheese sticks called?

For the uninitiated, Max Sticks are essentially big mozzarella sticks that were endured by many Generation Z pupils in elementary schools across the United States during lunch time.


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