Who owns Certas oil?

Certas Energy employs around 2,300 UK staff and is a subsidiary of international sales, marketing and distribution firm DCC PLC, a FTSE 100 company.

Who is the CEO of Certas energy?

Steve Taylor – Certas Energy.

Who supplies Gulffuel?

Steve Taylor – Certas Energy.

Is Certas energy still in business?

As the UK’s largest fuel distributor, Certas Energy continues to provide safe and reliable fuel deliveries to all customers across the UK.

What are Certas like to work for?

Certas Energy has an overall rating of 3.1 out of 5, based on over 145 reviews left anonymously by employees. 52% of employees would recommend working at Certas Energy to a friend and 51% have a positive outlook for the business.

How do I contact Certas?

If you are unsure what type of oil your heating system or range uses, please call us on 0345 600 4040 or send us an enquiry.

How do I complain to Certas energy?

Phone number: 0345 600 3519.

How do I register with Certass?

Easy Job Registration

Inform the Local Authority of the installation. Provide either an electronic or paper copy of the Certass Certificate of Conformity to the Building Regulations. Lowest cost job registration in the sector at £1.50 per job.

Who does Certas energy own?

Certas Energy, the largest independent distributor of fuels and lubricants, licence the Gulf brand in the UK for Gulf Aviation, Gulf Lubricants and Gulf Retail. Whether you are a homeowner or the head of a multinational corporation, you can rely on Certas Energy to meet your needs.

Who bought out Gulf Oil?

Gulf Oil Corporation, former American petroleum company; it was acquired by Chevron Corporation in 1984.

Who owns Sunoco?

Gulf Oil Corporation, former American petroleum company; it was acquired by Chevron Corporation in 1984.


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