Who owns Cotswold Outdoor?

Cote’s 45 sites are predominantly based in the south, with the chain having recently acquired its 24th site in London. Caring, owner of Caprice Holdings which is home to The Ivy and Scott’s, is now a financial backer of the all-day counter service concept Grillshack, which opened last week.

What is outdoor wear?

Outerwear is clothing worn outdoors, or clothing designed to be worn outside other garments, as opposed to underwear. It can be worn for formal or casual occasions, or as warm clothing during winter.

How many stores does Cotswold have?

You can order online with Click and Collect from over 80 Cotswold Outdoor, Runners Need and Snow+Rock stores. For your convenience, we have an optional appointment booking system to ensure you are able to receive personalised advice, kit recommendations, and in-store services.

Why is the Cotswolds so famous?

The Cotswolds are famous for their typically English landscape of lovely green rolling hills, stone walls, woodland and charming little towns and villages. Many of the buildings you will see here are made from sandy yellow Cotswold Stone, making the whole area highly attractive.

How much is NHS discount Cotswold Outdoor?

Cotswold Outdoor are delighted to offer members of NHS Staff Benefits a 15 per cent discount off outdoor footwear, available both in-store and online.

Why is it called the Cotswold?

The meaning of the word ‘Cotswolds’

Wolds – gentle hills. ‘Cots’ – sheep enclosures. So ‘Cotswolds’ probably just means an area of gentle hills with plenty of sheep around. There’s another theory that the name is based on Cod’s – Wold (Cod being a certain Saxon landowner).

Who is the CEO of The Cotswold Company?

Meet our CEO, Ralph Tucker

Ralph is dedicated to developing and empowering his new team to ensure The Cotswold Company is loved by its customers for helping them to make their homes timelessly beautiful.

Where did the Cotswolds get their name from?

Comes from the name of an Anglo-Saxon chieftain named Cod in the 12th century that owned high land or “wold”– hence “Cod’s wold” and eventually became “Cotswold”. The Cotswolds are sometimes known as “King Cod’s land”.

What color is best to wear outside?

1. Wear White. A white object is white because it reflects white light, and white light is a combination of all the visible colors. This means that a white shirt (or pants) will reflect most of the light and not get hot.

What is the best material for outdoor clothing?

Polyester works well outside because it is resistant to stretching, abrasion, mold/mildew, and rot – it’s also lightweight and flexible. Polyester can also come vinyl-backed which adds to its inherent durability.

What pants do landscapers wear?

High-performance blend pants—Similar to performance blend t-shirts, high-performance pants are designed to repel moisture and heat without sacrificing durability. Don’t forget to look for stretchy, durable fabrics, such as a polyester blend, that are designed to move with your team.

Which is the prettiest Cotswold village?

Castle Combe – the prettiest village in England

Tucked in the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in north west Wiltshire, Castle Combe is often called “the prettiest village in England.” It’s certainly one of the prettiest Cotswolds villages to visit.

Which Cotswold village has best shops?

  • Stroud Farmers’ Market.
  • Moreton in Marsh.
  • Pick a Pot.
  • Gloucester Quays.
  • Over Farm.

What food is the Cotswolds famous for?

Other local favourites include Tewkesbury mustard, Bibury trout, Stinking Bishop cheese and Hobbs House bread. This high quality produce can often be found on menus in pubs, restaurants and cafes in the Cotswolds. And now the Cotswolds has its very own spirit – Cotswolds Dry Gin.

Is the Cotswolds a wealthy area?

With prices going up to more than one million pounds, the Cotswolds aren’t the cheapest of location to buy into the English countryside “lifestyle”. The average price of a house in the area is half a million pounds.

What is the main town in the Cotswolds?

Cirencester is a lively market town, the largest in the Cotswold district, and hence often referred to as ‘The Capital of the Cotswolds’.

What is the nicest part of the Cotswolds?

Is Blue Light Card same as NHS discount?

If you are a NHS doctor, work for the Ambulance Service or NHS support worker, the Blue Light Card is here to offer you NHS discounts. The card also brings together all services, the NHS, Police Service, Fire Service, Ambulance Service and other Emergency Services to provide all with the same discounts.


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