Who owns Hanover Housing?

We are a non-profit making organisation, run by a board of volunteers whose members receive no remuneration for their services. The daily management of the organisation is overseen by our Chief Executive, Angela Currie, a team of Chief Officers and more than 600 staff located throughout Scotland.

Who is the CEO of Anchor housing?

Anchor Hanover Group (‘Anchor’) announces the appointment of Sarah Jones as Chief Executive from 1 August 2022. It follows Jane Ashcroft’s decision to step down from the role at England’s largest not-for-profit provider of housing and care for older people.

How many people work for Anchor Hanover?

The combined operation provides 54,000 homes for older people across almost 1,700 sites, employs more than 10,000 people, and operates in more than 90% of local councils in England.

What does bield mean?

Noun. Middle English belde shelter, confidence, boldness, from Old English beldo, byldo boldness; akin to Old High German beldī boldness, Gothic balthei; derivative from the stem of Old English bald, beald bold.

What is amenity housing in Scotland?

Amenity housing is a term used primarily in Scotland for rented accommodation provided by housing associations and local councils that is designated (and particularly suitable) for occupation by older people.

How do I apply for sheltered housing in Edinburgh?

There are three ways to apply for our properties: directly with us, through the common housing register or through a nomination agreement with the local authority.

How do I complain to anchor Hanover?

What services does anchor Hanover?

We provide a range of housing with access to different levels of support and with a variety of options for tenure – leasehold sales, rental, shared ownership and residential care homes.

What are the aims of Anchor Hanover?

Our heart-felt ambition is to transform housing and care so everyone can have a home where they love living in later life. We’re not-for-profit which means that every penny we make or save is invested in the people who live with us and the people who work here.

What are Anchor Hanover values?

At Anchor, we live by the values of accountability, respect, courageousness and honesty and they go hand-in-hand with making sure we value diversity and champion an inclusive culture.


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