Who owns Leonardo Hotels?

Leonardo Hotels is the European division of Fattal Hotels Group, founded in 1998 by David Fattal in Israel.

How many Jurys Inn & Leonardo Hotels are there across the UK?

Our Meetings and Events facilities includes 364 stylish, well located meeting and function rooms across 36 hotels in the UK and Ireland.

Why is it called Jurys Inn?

The guesthouse was intended as commercial lodgings, similar to many of Jurys Inns rooms today. 1866 – William Jury sells the hotel to his cousin Henry James Jurys, who expands the hotel and renames it the Jurys Hotel.

What group is Jurys Inn part of?

Jurys Inn is itself a member of the Leonardo Hotels Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fattal Hotels, which operates more than 160 hotels in 16 countries. Fattal runs the operating platform for all 36 hotels under the Jurys Inn brand, as well as having the leaseholds for 15 of these.

Which Leonardo hotel has most recently launched?

Leonardo Royal Hotel Barcelona Fira will be the fourth Leonardo Hotels establishment in the Catalan capital, the ninth in Spain and the introducer of the Leonardo Royal brand.

When did Jurys Inn Manchester Open?

Located in the heart of Manchester, The Midland Hotel is steeped in fascinating social and architectural history. First opened in 1903 by the Midland Railway Company, the hotel was initially constructed to serve rail travellers coming from London. Since then, it has welcomed guests day in and day out.


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