Who owns loungers group?

Founded in 2002 by Dave Reid, Alex Reilley and Jake Bishop, initially located in Bristol, as of August 2022 the company now operates on 204 sites under two sub-brands: Cosy Club and Lounges.

Who are loungers UK?

Loungers is an operator of café/bar/restaurants across England and Wales under two distinct but complementary brands, Lounge and Cosy Club.

Who owns cozy club?

The Cosy Club Story

Loungers was founded in 2002 by a trio of long standing friends, Dave Reid, Alex Reilley and Jake Bishop.

What does lounger mean?

/ˈlaʊn.dʒɚ/ a comfortable chair on which people can sit or lie in order to relax, especially outside in hot weather: a sun lounger. Compare. deckchair.

What Lounge means?

1 : a place for lounging: such as. a : a room in a private home or public building for leisure activities : living room also : lobby. b : a room in a usually public building or vehicle often combining lounging, smoking, and toilet facilities. 2 : a long couch.

Where did the first lounge open?

The American Airlines Admirals Club was the first airport lounge when it opened at New York City’s La Guardia Airport, in 1939.

Is Cosy Club same as lounge?

Cosy Clubs are more formal bar/restaurants offering reservations and table service, but they share many similarities with the Lounges in terms of their broad, all-day offer and focus on hospitality and culture Interiors tend to be larger and more theatrical to create a sense of occasion; whilst in the daytime Cosy …

Who owns the lounge restaurant?

Promoted Stories. Mr Reilley founded the Loungers cafe, bar and restaurant group, which includes the Cosy Club chain, with two friends, Jake Bishop and David Reid, in 2002.

Is Cosy Club a chain?

A second chain, Cosy Club, has been developed to offer customers a similar solution in city centres, with 20 sites now opened across the UK.

How many loungers bars are there?

Loungers hits ‘exciting milestone’ with 150th site. The operator behind the Lounge and Cosy Club brands has today (12 June) unveiled its 150th venue – its 11th new site since the start of 2019.

Is there a dress code for Cosy Club?

No dress code just smart casual.

Can you pay cash at the Cosy Club?

A discretionary 10% service charge will be added to tables of 8 or more (all of which goes to our lovely Cosy Club staff). By cash, in person to your local Cosy Club. Top tip… To avoid waiting around all day please avoid our peak times when it can get busier than Piccadilly station.

What is the meaning of an idler?

Definition of idler

1 : one who spends time idly : an idle, inactive, or lazy person The idlers in O’Toole’s and in the candy store would crowd outside, leaving their beers and chocolate malteds behind.—

Is loafer a word?

a person who loafs; lazy person; idler.

What is chaise lounge mean?

A chaise longue (/ʃeɪz ˈlɒŋ, tʃeɪz-, -ˈlɒ̃ɡ/; French: [ʃɛz lɔ̃ɡ], “long chair”) is an upholstered sofa in the shape of a chair that is long enough to support the legs of the sitter.

How does lounge access work?

How do airport lounges work? Lounges give access to passengers with specific premium flight tickets (i.e. business or first class), status levels (i.e. Star Alliance Gold) or for having certain credit cards in their wallet, such as The Platinum Card® from American Express.


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