Who owns the sofa delivery company?

The Sofa Delivery Company (part of the DFS Group)

Why do DFS sofas take so long to deliver?

Our sofas are handmade to order, so the lead time varies depending on the range that you have chosen. If you would like to know how long the sofa you like takes to deliver, please give us a call on 1800 535 580 and one of our personal shoppers will be able to help.

How do I prepare my couch for delivery?

  • Pinpoint When the Furniture Will Be Delivered. Before you do anything, the first step you should take is to communicate with your furniture company.
  • Clear the Room.
  • Plan a Pathway.
  • Protect the Floor and Walls.
  • Put Pets Somewhere Safe.

Are DFS and Sofology the same company?

The DFS Group is the UK’s leading retailer of living room and upholstered furniture. We design, manufacture, sell, deliver, and install an extensive range of upholstered and other furniture products for our customers under our DFS, Sofology and Dwell brands.

What did DFS used to be called?

Northern Upholstery was renamed DFS (although some branches of Northern Upholstery in Yorkshire retained their original name until the mid-1990s) and at the time, had a total of sixty three stores, employing 2,000 staff.

Why is 2022 furniture so long?

With each COVID surge experienced in countries across the world, especially Vietnam, a hub of furniture production, factories had to limit their production time and time again. This created a backlog of furniture delays that is still being worked through.

Are sofas delivered in parts?

Many of our sofas will be delivered in separate sections that can be assembled in your home for ease. However, sometimes occasions can arise whereby your furniture does not fit when delivered.

Can I claim compensation for late delivery?

You may be able to claim additional compensation

Keep it reasonable (so no claiming for a private jet to work because your new bike wasn’t delivered in time). You may also be able to put in a reasonable claim for loss of enjoyment of the goods or service because they’ve been delayed.

How long do DFS sofas last?

15 year guarantee. We put over 50 years of experience and expertise in to making sure you never need to use your guarantee. However, i. Recliner mechanisms, sofa bed mechanisms, stitching and electrical parts are covered for 2 years….

Can you collect a sofa from DFS?

DFS recognises that many customers do not have the means to return Products themselves, and so we can arrange collection during normal business hours (Monday to Friday). A charge of up to 20% of the price of the furniture will be made to cover the cost of collecting the items.

Are DFS sofas made in UK?

We know a thing or two about sofas

That’s because we’ve been making high quality, comfy and stylish sofas for 5 decades, many right here in the UK.

What is happening with Sofology?

We continue to operate in unprecedented times. On top of ongoing COVID restrictions, we are reliant on a global shipping industry that is operating in extremely challenging and constantly changing circumstances – facing significant disruptions, backlogs and delays.

Do Sofology sofas come apart?

Some of our sofas come apart to enable easier delivery, and we offer narrow corner sofas too. Check with a Sofologist if your chosen sofa splits so that it can fit through all the necessary doors and walkways to your living space or check in the details of the range online.

How do I book delivery on Sofology?

Call us. If you can’t find the answer to your query in our online support portal, you might prefer to talk to one of our Sofologists over the phone. Our customer support team are on hand to help with any enquiries, including queries about delivery. Speak to a Sofologist today by calling 03444 81 81 81.

What has happened to DFS?

DFS Furniture PLC (LON:DFS) has cancelled payment of its interim dividend and closed all of its showrooms, manufacturing and distribution operations in the UK, Ireland and Spain in response to government restrictions to limit the spread of coronavirus.

Is Sofology in financial trouble?

Sales at Sofology jumped past the £300m mark during its latest financial year. The DFS-owned company has posted a revenue of £304.9m for the year to June 30, 2022, up from the £269.2m it achieved during the same prior 12 months.


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